The vision of the Tehran province electricity distribution company

In the horizons of 1404, Tehrans large power distribution company, as a leading company among power distribution companies in Iran, is a model for the region and central, influencing the adoption of macro policies for the distribution sector of the countrys electricity industry.

The Tehran Power Distribution Company will have the following features in the future:


1. Agile and dynamic, forward-looking and competitive

2. Operationally operating in crisis situations

3. Responsive to new customer requirements and regular service

4. Provides reliable, stable, and environmentally friendly electricity

5. Favorable engagement with stakeholders, a model for attracting their satisfaction and having a desirable position in society.

6. A learning organization, a leader in innovation and benefiting from the knowledge and technology of the day

7. Human resource-driven, participatory participant

8.Policy for power distribution companies in Iran and the region